Vote for your first destination guide!

Old GlobeMy destination guides are pretty thorough, cover everything you need to know about a certain city, from how to get there (air, land, sea), what to do, what to eat, who to meet, cultural breakdown of destination, a town or site further from the city you should see/visit, facts every traveller should know about the destination and its country of origin, ratings of things to do there, transportation while there, safety matters (for families, single travelers, women, groups, teens), picture guide, and sample weekend get away itinerary. So which destination do you wanna see first? the options are as follows;

Chicago, IL, USA

Atlanta, GA, USA

Washington D.C., USA

New York, NY, USA

Orlando, FL, USA

Miami, FL, USA

London, UK

Paris, FR

Nice, FR

Monaco, MN

Florence/Pisa, IT

Assisi, IT

Rome, IT

Eligible starting June 8, 2013

Venice, IT

Athens, GR

Mykonos, GR

Izmir/Ephesus, TK

Istanbul, TK

Naples, IT

Toulon, FR

Barcelona, SP

Dusseldorf/Cologne, GE

Comment your choice below or shoot me an email (address found in the contact section) and I’ll start writing!


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