Next Stop: Delayed

Credit: Hooch & Hops

Credit: Hooch & Hops

Hey guys, it’s been a while huh? Sorry the Next Stop: Chicago guide didn’t go up on Thursday as promised, I’m had a much busier week than expected, and this week and the coming one won’t be any better, I will post a new travel story, and give you some more tips on flying cheap and feeling like first class! (Notice I said feeling like first class, not actually in first class, not even I have figured the secrete to flying first for the price of economy, well unless you’re a business traveller who has a lot of saved miles). I’ll be keeping the blog as up to date as I can! Feel free to ask me questions, comment on the posts (if you don’t feel like making an account to comment, go to the contact me tab and shoot me an e-mail to the address on there). I check the blog daily so I see you all! Thanks for understanding and remember, a line from one of my favorite movies, adventure is out there!




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