I’m back! and Europe 2013 preparing begins!

Hey to all my readers! I literally just logged on for the first time since March, Sorry to everyone expecting my Next Stop:Chicago destination guide, It’s still coming in the following week, next week at the latest. It has been a tough month with classes and all my finals, as you guys know I’m an architecture major, and let me tell you after many sleepless nights and  pounds of istant coffee I got an A on my final project! Now that the semester is over, I can return to my standard, more importantly well-timed, posts as before! as I now begin preparing for my trip of the year to Europe in less than a month, you guys can follow me through my preparations and see how I get ready for one of my long trips. It’s good to be back.




PS: Hey guys why not follow my blog and its regulated post? or how about you comment or e-mail me (address found in the contact tab) your thoughts on the blog? I’d really appreciate any feedback and suggestions on how to better the blog! Have any questions about travel, how to budget travel, what to fly or where to go, or any city? e-mail me as well! follow my instagram now, @ia321, soon I’ll have an instagram for the blog. thanks everyone!tumblr_lxu5xvPRvy1qj4lbko1_500


One thought on “I’m back! and Europe 2013 preparing begins!

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