AirBerlin review

Hey everyone! I’m back from Europe, well I’ve been back but I’ve had a huge busy schedule when I returned that included busy work hours. So after two days off and a nice morning off I decided to finally tell you all about my fantastic trip! Lets begin with my review:


Air Berlin (Code: AB)

Type: EUC (European Carrier) and LC (Low Cost)

Routes offered: Domestic Europe, North America, Central America, Africa, Thailand, Middle East.

Rating: 9

Best route flown: Hard to say, they were all good! but I’d say MIA-DUS on the hard product, BCN-DUS based on all.

Class flown: Economy (What I’m flying), first is offered on long haul intl.

Freebies: Snacks on all flights, soft drinks and select alcohol, cold and/or warm meals on select domestic flights and on all international flights, amenity kits on all classes (even economy on select night flight! not as large as business or first).

Fantastic airline! That is all I can say, At first I was hesitant to book AirBerlin, with their low prices, and relatively bad reviews on some travel sites. My opinion is that people give reviews to these airlines expecting first class service while flying economy, I mean seriously! Comparing the service I received on this long haul economy to what I’ve received on Legacy carriers in both Europe (Swiss which is rated as one of the best) and America (Delta and United) it puts those three to shame! I got an amenity kit in economy on my overnight outbound flight, I have never heard of that even on the asian carriers! The food was plenty and good, better flavors than on others, the drink choice in economy far better than even Swiss including everything from Beer to multiple wines and spirits. They offered separate coffee and tea runs served in nice red plastic AirBerlin mugs, and as well as a complimentary water bottle service before they dim the lights for the in between meal service haul. On the afternoon domestic flights they offered chips or Twix as a snack and soft drinks and juices, My morning domestic flight offered a nice sandwich with a corn salsa type cream inside. Service wasn’t bad, one or two attendants were not very good and did bring me down a bit, but It happens on every flight. The AVOD system on the long haul flight was great, offered a great choice of everything and the TV episodes were consecutive, which most carriers don’t do, they just put random episodes. The games were working (unlike Swiss) and while the long haul legroom wasn’t very comfortable, but neither was United’s or Swiss’. How ever the domestic legroom was fantastic! Best domestic legroom I’ve ever experienced. Over all, AirBerlin’s product was so good, I’m thinking of sticking to them for my long haul flying, I even got 9.5 thousand reward miles for my flights and I have a plastic rewards cards! As for Dusseldorf International, It is seriously my favorite airport. With all this, I rate AirBerlin with the highest score ever, in fact with this experience, I re-rated my past airlines, check it our on the Airlines I’ve flown post under the Aviation Corner section. The less than $1000 price tag on 4 flights also gave AB a huge boost!

My First trip Report will be coming later this week, probably tomorrow night, it’ll be for all 4 AB flights. I haven’t forgotten about my Chicago City Guide, but for now I’m putting the city guide section on a as I finish I post terms, meaning the Chicago guide will probably take at least another month as I keep writing reviews on cities, tour companies and Norwegian. For all my Aviation enthusiast, I’ll be giving a short summary of the on going Paris Air show soon. If you need any tips or references, please e-mail me or comment below to let me know you’re all reading! I feel like no one is really reading, but as long as one person is, I’ll keep on writing, If you’re that one person let me know! I’ll write my trip report soon! Adventure is out there!

-Cheers, Ian


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