Le Cellier Review + New Opportunities

Hey guys! So sorry to keep everyone waiting for more posts, I had a rough couple of weeks with school and other things but I’m back and better than ever very excited to be reunited with my readers! So today’s article will be my review of Le Cellier Canadian steakhouse at Disney‘s EPCOT park.


Le Cellier (meaning the cellar in French) is one of Disney’s most expensive restaurants on site, as well as one of its most highly reviewed restaurants. Reservations are tough to come by for this place, my sister and I have been trying to get one for over a year that fits into our travel dates (keep in mind we don’t make Disney plans with a large amount of anticipation). We finally got one for lunch on our last visit to the theme parks, and with the price of its dishes I was expecting nothing but perfection as I have received at other ‘luxury’ Disney restaurants. image-3 So after a relaxing morning in the hotel and quick visit to Animal Kingdom for our favorite thrill rides we headed to EPCOT to partake in what I was expecting to be the best lunch I’ve ever had. EPCOT was quite empty that day so we strolled to the Canada pavilion and headed through its gardens and into the check in area for the dining room. It was quite dark in there (after all it is a cellar) but it was nice with a lot of wood details and stone work, which in Disney means artfully crafted concrete and fiberglass. After a few minutes we were taken to our table, the dining room is small but cozy, but given the size I now know it is I can see why reservations are a problem. Almost instantly our waitress came to our table to introduce her self, she explained she was from the British Columbia province near Vancouver and gave us a short introduction into the Canadian landscape and how it all ties in to the dishes offered on the menu. She then offered us a round of 3 different Canadian breads image-6including a pretzel breadstick, a sourdough and a wheat with seeds bread accompanied by some butter with maple sugar on top, absolutely amazing, the afternoon was off to a good start! My sister and I browsed the menu and settled on a regular poutine dish for an appetizer, then I chose a poke loin and corn polenta dish for my main course and she a filet mignon with wild mushroom risotto. After taking our orders we were left to stare at the delicious looking dishes around us as I drowned two cokes (it was over 100*F outside). I will now divide the review into 4 parts: Appetizer, main course, service and atmosphere:

Appetizer: Soon afterwards we were brought out our poutine (which they sell as a side item) and our waiter explained how this is a typical Canadian fast dish made with french fries, cheese and gravy (much like American disco fries). Except here they make it more refined and replace the gravy with a red wine truffle reduction he then pours over the dish and leaves. It was very interesting, yet extremely tasty, still maintaining the bar set by the bread course, I would definitely eat this if i lived in Canada or anywhere they sold disco fries. The appetizer gets… 8.5/10 maple leafs.



Main Course: Finally the meat of the meal, both literally and figuratively. We left some of our poutine to enjoy with the main meal and soon enough our plates were brought out, the filet was a good size how ever my loin was on the small side and for over $40 USD I was a bit disgruntled by that. What it lacked in size it made up in flavor, coming wrapped in bacon (3 small two bit medallions), a potato style cake and the sweet corn polenta, as well as some fresh lingonberry (I frequent IKEA so it was interesting to see them not in sauce or juice form).The combination was very good, a good combination of sweet and salty, if you have ever seen the movie Ratatouille it was much like when Remy’s brother tasted the cheese and grape together. I quickly enjoyed my course and tried a bit of my sisters and it was just as delicious, the filet cooked to perfection and the risotto was at the perfect consistency. I later tried to recreate her dish at home being the simpler of the two and well it was good but not Cellier good. I give the main course a 9/10 maple leafs.











Service: Service was very good, the staff was very attentive, always had a smile and cheery tone. When ever I ran out of soda it was quickly replaced, any questions we had were answered and learned a bit about Canada along the way! After studying Canadian geography I never knew there was a desert in Canada until that day! Much can be said about the staff, they are all native Canadians in EPCOT for a 6 month study program abroad (like every other nation there). They love sharing their story and about where they’re from. I give the service a 9.5/10 maple leafs.


Atmosphere: Very true to the theme, it felt exactly like a cellar, no windows, and a lot of exposed wood and beams along with some stucco wall coverings and big wrought iron light fixtures and accents as well as a warm fireplace. Making it a wonderful cozy dining room fit for a hearty meal, the tables were nice and so was the glass and silverware. Over all great, no obvious to the eye signs of lack of cleanliness or deterioration, nor when you look closely at spots. Spotless bathrooms and clean carpets, over all a very nice experience, but I wouldn’t expect any less from Disney. I give the atmosphere a 8.7/10 maple leafs, simply because it’s not my utmost favorite theming, how ever like everything Disney does is exquisitely executed.

Value of food for the price: 6.8/10

Over all I give Le Cellier steakhouse a 7.9/10 maple leafs. Why the 7.9? Simple, while the food was delicious, perhaps the best I’ve had in a steakhouse, it was utterly over priced even for Disney. A year back for my 18th I went to Le Bistro de Paris and had an amazing 3 course meal with a firework view and paid around 60 some, which here was the cost of a much smaller main course and appetizer, this is my largest draw back. Would I go to Le Cellier again? Yes, but if I’m going to splurge because I have nothing better to do with my $45-70 if not I’d head over to Bistro although it no longer exists so I would go to try another Disney restaurant. On food alone, I give it a 9, it really was delicious and a lot of interesting flavors and combinations, I still do recommend it.image-1

image-2On other news! I’m officially launching my trip planning division of the blog! I can do anything from a day plan to excursions to full on luxury or budget trips, feel free to contact me, any followers of the blog, and active users get a free service for the month of September 2013!


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