American Airlines & Air Canada Review

Hey guys, after a long wait I bring you guys my review for AC and AA, both reviews will be published under the airlines I’ve flown article in Aviation Station, I’m also gonna update my review for DL, you can find that and all the other reviews here. So lets get started!

new-american-logo-1024x707American Airlines (Code: AA)

Type: LEC (Legacy Carrier)

Routes offered: Domestic USA, Americas, Europe, and Asia (Africa and Oceania offered via OW partnership)

Rating: 7

Best route flown: ORD-FLL

Class flown: Economy

Freebies: Soft drinks on all flights, beer and wine in economy long haul, cold and/or warm meals on all international flights, amenity kits, alcoholic beverages, and snacks in upper classes.

I was a bit excited to fly AA, it was the last of the legacy carriers I had left to fly in the US, since US Airways is no more. I booked through Expedia which was pretty seamless, got point on my Expedia account and my AB top bonus program. The ticket was around $100 more than Sprit, however the time was more convenient, carry-on is free, and seat selection was included, so I guess I couldn’t complain as it probably would of also been cheaper had I not booked around 2 weeks in advanced only. Check-in was relatively easy on the self check-in machines, it was also easy to enter my AB account number and get my miles on there. Security was long at FLL, but we had time to spare, we got a newly painted 737 yet it was not retrofitted. The flights were smooth, drinks were plenty, I got a box of snacks and my friend a cheese plate which were all pretty good! My largest disappointment was the lack of personal tv’s or AVOD, being 2014 I expect more from a carrier like AA than aisle TV’s (however I knew this before I purchased my ticket so it came to me as no surprise) I was still disappointed never the less. The flights were comfortable and the FA’s nice, the pilots were funny and very informative throughout the flights and they were pretty smooth (as much as they can be when the FLL area was blanketed in storms.) Overall the flights weren’t that bad, Knowing some of their 757’s and 767’s have the same issue with entertainment, I cannot imagine being on a long 10 hour flight not having a ptv. But for a shorter domestic hop, with an iPhone loaded with music and games, It was fine and comfortable. I would recommend a domestic AA flight if the price is lower than its competitors, if long haul I’d be weary of the equipment on the flight before booking.


Air Canada (Code: AC)

Type: CLC ( Canadian Legacy Carrier)

Routes offered: Domestic Canada, Americas, Europe, Asia, and Oceania (Africa via Star partners)

Rating: 5

Best route flown: FLL-YYZ

Class flown: Economy

Freebies: Soft drinks on all flights, select alcoholic beverages in economy long haul, cold and/or warm meals on all international flights, amenity kits, alcoholic beverages, and snacks in upper classes.

If you guys read my review on AC, you can probably determine where I got my score from, if not you can read it here: Part 1 and the DL/part 2. The AC staff leaves a lot to be desired, bad service, and rude employees bring the rating way down from what I expected. On board food was good, however all the options were cold, even the ones that are supposed to be served warm/hot. Parts of the plane were broken and the AVOD system faulty including the headphone jacks. YYZ is a good airport for a hub, high demand and very nicely designed, the staff there a bit more welcoming. The staff at YUL is horrendous and rude, not to mention they don’t really make an effort to please the customer. Since I only got to experience a single flight on the airline due to their blurry rules, I can only rate on what I did experience, and it was nothing like what I expected from a carrier who claims to be the best carrier in NA. I will be flying them again in August short and long haul this time, not that I’m thrilled about that at all, however they were the cheapest. I’ll update the review then, hopefully they’ll impress me then! Unless the price is right and time is plenty (or you can afford the upper classes of course) I don’t recommend AC. At least I got my miles on my United rewards.

Check the airline review article from before for my revised DL review with a new score. Thanks to everyone for reading! I really appreciate it! More than you guys know! I got big news I will announce in an upcoming blog post as well, I’ll give you guys a preview:


Coming August 2014… A380…

Cheers guys! Stay tuned for a lot more post and another trip review for AA!!



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