Who am I?

Simple, I’m a man with a plan, a plan to see the world and a thirst for adventure.485705_10151016305905964_1580688867_nMore than that I am a person who loves World cultures,  my favorite part of travelling is getting emerged in a new culture and experience, and honestly what better way to get to know a place is there? I live to travel and I travel to live, with a frugal mindset I’ve managed to get myself out there on amazing vacations spanning 4 continents as of June 2013. I am a Christ follower since young, and I was originally born in Caracas, Venezuela.


I moved to the wonderful nation of the United States in 2000. I’m a budget traveller, so sorry you’ll probably never see me review or write about first class, yet! But more than my personal travel stories, reviews, and pictures, I’ll be blogging about the travel industry as a whole and how it affects us the average traveller with a small pocket. Beyond destinations, I study the aviation and cruise line industry, but mostly aviation, I love me a 747. In real life I’m an 20 year old I’m architecture student with high goals from the sunshine state.

531487_10150871305635964_2144811734_n Yet working only a retail job to fund my global adventures. I plan and book savvy to get the most for my dollar, while I do love flying for me it is all about the destination now, so I save that dollar here to spend it there! Where will I stop next? Who knows! Because,

next stop: everywhere!

– Ian



3 thoughts on “About

    • Lot’s of studying! Thanks to financial aid and scholarships, my current tuition is fully paid for, so I work full time (30+ hours a week) to fund all my travels and soon move to Chicago, However the hours can get tiring while being a full time student in a very demanding major, lets just say I’ve amazed myself with how long I go without sleep! But sadly its visible on my blog, with the lack of posts :/ Bare with me! Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate each view more than you know!


      • You’re welcome! I admire your pictures on instagram and the way you make the most of each trip (I am your lebanese follower btw) 😀

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