Next Stop: Air Canada Trip Report (Part 1)

Hey everyone! Long time no blog huh? My schedule with school, work, and activities has been much more hectic than expected, so I’m so sorry I have not blogged in a while. Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, happy New Year, happy late everything! After much delay I bring you my Air Canada trip report! Note: Considering I got left behind on my second flight, this report will be good! I formatted some of the pictures as thumbnails now, let me know how everyone likes that, just click on each one to see it full size! Continue reading


Next Stop: Overall Canada

Hey everyone after a very busy week post Canada, including my time in the food and wine festival in Orlando, my last Friday’s post was delayed to, today! So I recently returned from Canada, and man do I have some stories from that to tell everyone! My itinerary totally got changed there, so now I have a trip report for Air Canada and Delta, long story short, Air Canada screwed up in relaying some information of the required check-in times at the airport, combined with sudden traffic in Montreal led us to miss my flight! Then Air Canada’s horrendous customer service crew pushed me into booking a whole new set of flights with Delta to get me home, rather than rebooking with AC. I’m in a very long battle now with AC, and the DOT to get my money back from the missed flight. Apart from that, and the fact that I was denied renting the car I needed from AVIS Canada, Canada itself was beautiful, but I was thrilled by landing in FLL and being back home. I’ll give everyone a break down day by day of ┬ámy trip, here we go!:

IMG_1395 Continue reading

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