Next Stop: Carry-on

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Modern day air travel has taken a turn into restricting what we’re allowed to bring on the plane for free. Many years ago your luggage was no big deal, pack a big bag for that weekend trip to LAS and it was included, but now with soaring fuel prices and airport fees airlines have turned to luggage to bring in more money, meaning we now have to pay to get that bag on the plane separately for each way. Continue reading


Next Stop: Carry on and Disney

Hey everyone! As part of giving back to my readers I’m making a new series of posts!

My best Disney pic if I do say so!

My best Disney pic if I do say so!

I don’t think I’ve told you guys yet that I am a Disney fanatic, living in Florida makes it easy to be (I imagine living in California must be the same experience). I am a Disney World pass holder, meaning I get a year of admissions for all 4 parks (EPCOT, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom) and honestly with how much I go, I think Disney looses money with me having an annual pass. So after a 6 month hiatus of Disney and I (I was saving every penny for my last trip), I’m going to be re-united with the happiest place on Earth! So I thought, let’s share it with my readers! Even better news, the hotel has wi-fi so I won’t have to use my iPhone app! So I will be, I guess, ‘live blogging’ every night from Disney sharing with you how I make a magical getaway, magical to my wallet as well! Since Disney has a set of books and such called ‘Keys to the Kingdom‘ I thought I’d be creative and call it ‘Tips to the Kingdom’ it’s so original I know! I’ll be sharing tips on where to eat and how to order, where to stay, what to do and see, and my daily report of what I did that day in the best place ever! This series will start with my first installment which will be a little more introductory to the series early next week, which is when I’m going, and a break down of the posts for the live blog session. For early next week I’m also working on an article about how to pack the perfect carry on, if you read my recent trip report you know all the random, yet handy, things I pulled from my carry on much like a Mary Poppins bag. Look forward to a jam-packed week you won’t wanna miss next week! HUGE THANKS to all my readers for helping almost reach 400 views since I began (Considering how often I was blogging before, this is a huge milestone to me). Also shout out to my cousin Simon for giving me some great feedback on the blog that I’ll incorporate! Have a great rest of the week everyone! Also I’m working hard on that Chicago city guide to have it done ASAP!

Adventure is out there!


Funny because before I added this extra my word count was 407, which is the Orlando area code.

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